As if by a conspiracy of fate, Faïk leaves Bosnia a few months before war breaks out. He ventures across three continents, and eventually reaches Australia, while the rest of his family winds up in Oregon.

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In France, Faïk serves as an interpreter to Bosnian refugees who survived the Serb-run death camps. After the war, they are scattered around the world, relatively situated and brought back to “normalcy.” The hanging question one confronts is whether those people will ever be able to adapt to their new lives in their 'third country.'

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F.J. Nanic's Third Country Debut in Vancouver, BC, Canada

About the Author F. J Nanic

F.J. Nanic was born in Sarajevo. He has authored several books including two books of photography. He served as an Interpreter to Bosnian nationals in three different countries. Recently, he has become a member of the Bosnian-Herzegovinian American Academy of Arts and Sciences. He resides in Oregon..