“If J.D. Salinger’s Catcher in the Rye gave audiences a subjective peak into the mind of the alienated and outcast, Mejia’s theFEEL is a front row viewing of an internal war. It is the beautiful yet painful illustration of the psychological whirlwind we all face when deciding just who we want to be. It is the drawing of internal power from external trauma and the manifestation of self-love when it seems as if you mean nothing to the world around you. It is the realization that you are the architect of your own reality. “     

                      - Brian Bush, Radio Talk Show Host

“If you’re ready for a wonderful, exciting work of art then prepare yourself for theFEEL! This book brought back emotions I thought I left behind years ago.”               

                      - Johnny Lex, Columnist

“Mejia’s theFEEL covers life’s many struggles in achieving one’s dreams; dealing with mistakes and misfortunes. It does this through a very personal, retrospective discourse focusing on the feelings and not just settings or stories. It is interlaced with many unique and clever associations making for an incredibly interesting experience.”                                              

                        - Joe Reid, Retired Teacher

“Mejia’s theFEEL is much more than a collection of poems, it is a story of self-discovery. theFEEL embodies a ‘coming of age’ story as it journeys through personal growth and the overcoming of psychological turmoil. Through his writing style, Matthew Mejia brings to life each and every poem by capturing human emotion in the purest form - a chaotic mind. theFEEL explores the destruction of an old self and the creation of something new.  

                       - Denise Hernandez,

                         B.A. Psychology, B.A. English

“Matthew Mejia’s poetry is not only cleverly composed but is also inspiring to all whom have had any major challenges in life. It is inspirational and emphasizes that anyone can overcome any obstacle when you are determined and focused. I truly enjoyed reading this unique style of poetic imagery. “                                                                                           

                        - Martha Lemus,

                          Medical Fraud Investigator

“Matthew Mejia’s scripture is real. It’s the voice inside our heads that lets us know the truth; the truth we ignore. In an age of fakeness and imitations, theFEEL is just right. We reminisce the many experiences we’ve encountered in our lives and it reminds us that we are still here because we overcame them. Mejia does a fantastic job illustrating his emotions into our imagination. You will feel it. A new way of poetry beyond the fourth wall.”  

                          - Alejandro Vazquez,

                            Web Developer

Matthew Mejia was born in Los Angeles, California in 1991. After experimenting with music, art, and architecture, he graduated from East Los Angeles College with an Associates degree in English. He continues to practice music and art adding variations into his writing. He currently works with children and is further pursuing his education with hopes of becoming an English professor. Matthew resides in southern California near his family and friends.

“Mejia’s fascinating story telling, with a mixture of spiritualty, magical realism, and beautiful poetry, makes theFEEL a story that will delight any reader and inspire us to follow our dreams.”                                                      - Susan Bayamdzhyan, Student

“Raw, honest, and emotional. Matthew Mejia captures the angst of growing up and letting go. His words are often sharp and menacing, but there is always a subtle calmness underneath the surface. Torn between his inner demons and saving the people he cares for, Mejia recognizes that the most important person to save is himself.”                                             - Lizette Toribio,                                                   Administrative Assistant

“Matthew Mejia has such an exceptional way of bringing you into his book one page at a time. You will experience pain, happiness, and love in a completely different way; theFEEL is definitely one heck of a ride.”


           - Kaitlyn Imamura, Veterinary Assistant


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theFEEL is an enigmatic work crossing between fear, anger and self-realization. Matthew Mejia illustrates the journey through trauma and personal discovery through his use of raw language, emotional outbursts, and beautiful imagery. Follow through nightmares, anxiety, and madness - through the abyss and back - until the ultimate confrontation. It will leave you to face your our own monsters and revelations.


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