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一卡通功? Card function

任何带芯片的卡如物业卡、停车卡、手机卡、身份证、会员卡、公交卡等,在经过设置授权后都可感应开锁?br />Any card with chip such as property card,parking card,SIM card ,ID card, membership card and metro card etc can be induced to open the after authorized setting.

指纹识别功能 Fingerprint identification function

读解速度快,准备率高,安全的“手”护神?br />Fingerprint identification function:high-speed and accurate identification,safe“hand”protection.

信息更新功能 Information updating function

辞退保姆或员工可不必换锁,门锁经过设置,原来人员将不能凭原有密码或感应卡开锁?br />Not necessary to change lock when dismissing baby-sitter or employees.Previous personnel can not open the door by the old password or inductive card after the lock is newly configured.

假锁警示功能 False lock warning function

外出时意外使家门未及时上锁,门锁将会以蜂鸣或语音报警的方式提醒业主将门锁好?br />Accidentally the owner goes out without locking the door,locks will remind the owner by humming or voice alarm.

防偷窥密码输入功?nbsp;Anti-peeping password function

为防止他人偷窥开锁密码,用户使用密码开锁时,可在正确开锁密码前面任意输入数字作为乱码,然后输入正确密码按#键确认实现正常开锁?br />To prevent others peeping password,users can be enter arbitrary numbers before the correct one.Then enter the correct one again and confirm it by pressing # key.

低电提醒功能 Low electricity reminding function

当门锁电池快没电的时,门锁将会发出警告声音,以提醒用户及时更换电池?br />When the batteries are out of electricity. He lock will make a warning voice to remind users to replace the battery in time.

双系统运行功?nbsp;Double system operating function

当一个电路系统出现故障如(密码开锁)时,另一个电路系统如(感应卡)可正常运行,确保门锁安全稳定开启?br />When a circuit system malfunctions(such as password unlock),another circuit system(such as induction card unlock)can be run normally to ensure the lock can be opened safe stable.

APP远程开锁功能(可选配?nbsp;APP Remote unlock function

需应急开门时,可通过手机APP,远程开启家中的门锁,或者发送一次性开门密码?br />When opening the dooe on emergency, Can be through the mobile phone APP, remote unlock the door of the house, or send a one-time password to open the door.

防盗实时报警功能(可选配?nbsp;Anti-theft-time alarm function

受到非正当开门时,门锁会发出蜂鸣声,并同步报知业主手机及物业管理系统?br />When open the door illegitimately, locks will be beeping,and synchronously notify the owner in mobile phone property management system.

无察觉防劫持报警功能(可选配?nbsp;Anti-hijack without perceiving alarm function

受到劫持需被迫开门,门锁会将防劫持特殊开门报警信息发送至家人手机或物业管理系统?br />When forced to open the door by hijacker,locks will send special anti-hijack alarm message to the master’s mobile or the property management system.

无线遥控功能功能(可选配?nbsp;Optional wireless remote control

50米范围内可遥控开锁?br />Optional wireless remote control.

智能导航,记录查?nbsp;Optional audio function

全程语音导航,可查看室温、时间、日期,在线读取1万条开锁记录?br />Full voice navigation, you can view the room temperature, time, date, read the 10000 unlock records.

家庭成员自动辨别功能(可选配?nbsp;Automatic identification of family members

可设置特殊密码或感应卡给家中需要特殊关注的人员(如老人、小孩)使用,特殊人员开门或回家业主将会收到短信通知?br />Can set special password or inductive card for family members in need of special attention (such as the older,child ),when they open the door,the owners will receive SMS notification.