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2015 - 2016 is our inaugural year and it is our pleasure to introduce to you the nine high quality books we are proud to publish. Our books include two great fictional reads, a powerful book on Tourette’s syndrome (TS) written by thirty people in the TS community, two books of poetry that are representative of powerful generational voices, and the Telugu version of the Hindu Holy Book the Bhagavadh Geetha. We also offer three lined blank journals from the cover design of three of these titles..

DB Poet Mejia Featured in L.A. University Times!

Double Bridge Publishing is exclusively dedicated to bringing talented new authors, their stories and lessons, to readers who deserve to enjoy them. We use a unique crowd source membership of nearly 300 professional editors, book reviewers, designers and formatters to evaluate and improve new author work.  We publish the best-rated submissions we receive.

Our works of fiction begin with A Long Road Home, a coming-of-age story of a young woman searching for her debauched and reclusive biological father after her mother dies of cancer, written by professional boxer-turned-journalist Dennis Maley. Available in hardcover and paperback.  Third Country is a powerful story of survivors of the horrors of Bosnia’s war trying to find normalcy in the ‘third countries’ in which they finally settle. Touretters shows what it is actually like to live with this debilitating conditions, its effect on families, and includes stories of bravery with warnings that everyone should heed.   It’s Like This, Jim was ecclesiastic muralist Jack O’Brien’s only book of poetry. Powerfully and vividly written from his inbuilt pallet of colors, the former President of the Canadian Writer’s Guild’s work presents a compelling and unique world view.  theFEEL by L.A native Matthew Mejia brings you face to face with the angst, confusion, anger and innocence of its Mohawk-coiffed author’s generational voice. Murali Chemuturi’s painstakingly translated version of the Bhagavadh Geetha is as close to the original Sanskrit as possible. His labor of love over the course of several years is considered a Telugu version of the Hindu Holy Book. Lastly, three beautifully designed covers created by designer Holly Ensey for Double Bridge are offered in blank lined 250 page journals. We are proud that our authors receive a far larger share of the royalties at Double Bridge than typical publishing houses.All of our titles are available to order on Ingram Spark, Amazon, most Independent book sellers and on this website.

Browse our catalog, visit our book homepages and see if something grabs you. We hope you find something you like!

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