These 100+ inspiring women have broken glass ceilings as Presidents and Prime Ministers of their countries. They have been scientists, factory workers, police officers, flight attendants, lawyers, doctors, teachers, journalists, psychologists, organic chemists, and guerilla fighters. Their achievements include bridging transitions from war to peace, advocating for women and children, fighting foreign aggression and rescuing their national economy. Each has a unique story in these short biographies. Who survived torture? Who was caught playing Pokemon Go in Parliament? Women Presidents, Prime Ministers and Leaders 2017 features current, recent and historical 20th Century female Heads of State. Some Interesting Facts:

U.S, Canada and Mexico have only had one female head of state, for one year. (Kim Campbell – Canada).

Africa has had 10 female Heads of State, Central America and the Caribbean has had 13, Asia has had 24 and Europe leads the world with 37!

Russia and mainland China have never had an elected female leader either.

Dangerous liaisons: more than 50% of Asia women leaders have been jailed for political reasons.

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